Our sponsors give us the resources we need to stay on the cutting edge of solar car racing. From their time to their products to the financial support necessary for international competition, these are the companies and individuals that believe in us and support us. Without our sponsors, our car would be nothing more than precise drawings. These sponsors give us guidance when we get overwhelmed and expertise when we need to build.

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project could not exist without our sponsors.

We are proud to represent every company on this page because of their commitment to our development as students, engineers, and leaders.

Every day we get to work with a real solar car, we are grateful for their contributions.

Here, we present our sponsors, organized by their donation level and sorted alphabetically.

If you would like to invest in the first cruiser class team in America, take a look at our Sponsor Information Brochure. Contact us at svp@umn.edu for any questions you may have about sponsorship.

Driver Level


CSE Dean's Office

The CSE Dean's Office is supporting education on the University of Minnesota campus, inside the classroom and out. Their investment in the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project reflects a belief that University of Minnesota students should receive a robust and broad education.

Umn Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Department

The UMN BBE Department supports the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project by providing a workspace in which hands actually get dirty. This space is home to every success and failure, practically home to many members of our organization.

Crew Chief

robert k. Eddy

Bob Eddy is the Chairman of the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project's Advisory Board, guiding the organization with his experience earned as a businessman and a philanthropist.

umn Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

The University of Minnesota ECE Department consists of nearly 900 students and 47 renowned faculty members, preparing students as computers dominate the societal shifts seen today.


Pit Crew

UMN Institute on the Environment

sam Lenius

Team Member

Drs. Keith & Barbara Lurie

ST Micro

Dr. Demetris Yannopoulos

Arrow Electronics

Dr. John Forrette

Shad Ketcher

Friend of the Team

Dr. Karen Lee

Victor Lee

steve loch

Martin Custom Products

Mr. Timothy D. McNeal

NKK Switches

David O'Connor

Patrick J. O'Connor

Capt Michael G. Olson

Michael & Tamarah Olson

Drs. David & Heather Orser

Richard & Karen Palmer

Michael J. Peterson

Doug Petesch


Bob & Mary Poirier


Wanling & Steven Qu

Joan & Michael Rajala

Stephen Rehdantz

rockwest composites

Lauren D. Roesner

Adem E. Rudin

Ruland Manufacturing

Steven & Kaye Schneider

danielle shupe

Kathy Sidles

Jill M. Skogheim

Steven Skorich

Gary & Donna Sloan

nick sloan

david sorenson

Kristen & Eric Sorenson


Mr. John B. Thiesse

lynn thompson

Thompson Family

Brenda Trisko

Kurt Vanden Bussche

Jeff & Christiann Walton

John W. Washburn

William M. Westler

Thomas Wilson

Shiping Yi

paula zeilon

Maureen Zeimet

patrick zeimet

Michelle & David Anderson


Anoco Metal Services

Anonymous Donors

Kenneth Bach

matthew beaulieu

John Blahoski

Jim & Connie Brennan

The Honorable Laura Brod

Jerry Broeckert

mary buschette

keith & Amber Butcher

Patricia & David Christen

joseph clauson

Roger & Janet Coffey

Carolee & Mark Cohen


andy coldwell

Mark & Krystan Coyle

Kim Dockter

Mary Dunphy

endurance technologies

steven faulhaber

trevor fedie

Hon. John R. & Nancy Frobenius

Full Steam Engineering

renee gallup

German Family

Robert & Wendy Graber

Michael J. Groeschel

Phyllis & Donald Hagen

Brandon hathaway

Bryan & Heidi Haugeberg


William P. Hegmann

richard hein

jake herbers

Mary C. Hessburg

Tess K. Holmquist

George Hopkins

The Honorable Michael & Erika Hsu

glen kitto

sarah koelln

Lt. Col. Jeffrey & Ms Tamera Koss

Mark & Deborah Kravik

graham krumpelmann