Director of Engineering

Graham Krumpelmann

Graham Krumpelmann joined the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project in September of 2013, his Freshman year. His first job was to update the parking brake on Centaurus III for ASC 2014, the end result of which was "pretty messy, but it worked." The summer of 2014, Krumpelmann was on the race crew for ASC 2014, which race from Austin, TX to Minneapolis, MN, placing second place overall.

When the team began their design of Eos, Krumpelmann inherited the position of Mechanical Team Lead as a Sophomore, where he found he was able to be involved with all of the mechanical parts of the car. Eos was completed for WSC 2015 and has not encountered a single mechanical failure.

Because of the leadership Krumpelmann had shown as Mechanical Team Lead, he was appointed Director of Engineering for the design and building of the next Solar Vehicle. While he is no longer able to do the engineering himself, he loves that he is able to focus on rejuvenating the team and establishing an engineering structure for generations of cars to come.

Krumpelmann cannot wait to change the world with the other members of the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project. In his career, Krumpelmann loves to know how things work and wants to make the greatest impact he can to improve people's lives. Engineering, he believes, is the best way to do that.

Director of Operations

Patrick Zeimet

Patrick Zeimet joined the Solar Vehicle Project in the fall of 2015 after a friend told him we needed someone to manage our finances; within a semester of joining our organization, Zeimet had shown his proficiency in management and was made Chief Financial Officer, a role he occupied through two different Directors of Operations.

Throughout this period, Zeimet managed to reorganize our finances and develop a structure to the Finance Group to ensure success following his departure from the role. Because of this, when the role of Director of Operations opened up in the fall of 2016, Zeimet was able to step in and accede the position.

Zeimet is studying Actuarial Mathematics, intending to practice reinsurance in Europe following his graduation.