1995 World Solar-Car Rally Race Data

Workhorse, 8 batteries
2592 Whr at C/20, 27 Ahr
191 lbs (87 kg)
Race Awards:
2nd place in Junior Class
9th place overall
Number of laps: 32
Average Speed: 26.79 m.p.h. (43.10 kph)
Total Distance Travelled: 617 miles (993.7 km)
Overall Position: 9th
Junior Class Position: 2nd
Acceleration Test Time: 27.78s, 32.21 mph (51.82 kph),
Qualifying Position in Class: 5th
Qualifying Position Overall: 14th
Average Lap Speed: 28.3 m.p.h. (45.5 kph)
Best Lap Speed: 33.3 m.p.h. (53.5 kph)
Maximum Instateous Power During Race: 1100 Watts
Solar Power on a Sunny Dat at High Noon: 592 Watts
Average Solar Power from 8-5 During a Sunny Day: 408 Watts
Speed on 577 Watts of Panel Power: 33 mph (53 kph)