Here's What's New with Aurora-II

Unveiling of Aurora-II

Spring is nearly here, and with the impending thaw comes one University of Minnesota tradition--IT Week!

This year, IT Week will happen from may 1-5. As part of IT Week, the team will unveil Aurora-II on May 2. The car will be on display May 3-5 as a part of the Tech Fair on Northrop Mall.

For more information, please contact the team. A future bulletin will be sent to all interested parties.

The team adopts a Town

As part of Sunrayce 95, teams were asked to adopt towns along the race route. Teams worked with their adopted towns to answer questions about the race, promote the race, and provide a more personal contact for the adopted town's local media.

During Sunrayce 93, the Aurora team received a welcoming reception from their adopted town of Albert Lea, Minn., the last overnight stop on the race route. This year, the team has adopted Aurora, Col., which is also the last overnight stop during the race.

We hope to work closely with Aurora, Col. to make sure the local people will be out in attendance when the Aurora-II crosses the finish line first on June 28, 1995!

Amaze Your Friends with these Aurora-II Factoids!

The Aurora-II will contain more than 1,100 solar cells 

Aurora-II's top speed is 65 m.p.h. 

Aurora-II weighs just a little more than 200 pounds without batteries. 

Team Informational Booklet in Progress

The Aurora-II team is preparing an informational booklet about the team, the University of Minnesota, and the Aurora-II.

We will initially send the booklet to the local media and to the public relations contacts in our sponsoring companies. The booklet will serve as a source of background information about the solar vehicle project. The booklet will also allow us to keep the public up-to-date with the team as we race in Sunrayce 95 and in other possible races in the U.S. and Japan.

After Sunrayce 95, we will make the booklet available to the general public with additional sections that detail statistics associated with Aurora-II and outlines the car's performance in Sunrayce 95.