Well hey Stuart

Posted on September 27, 2013 by Bryan Dean.

After putting Daedalus away in the rain and the cold, it was a delight to bring it back out to this:


This was when we were about to drive on the Stuart highway for the first time. The Stuart highway is a 3000 kilometer road that runs from Darwin in the north of Australia to Adelaide in the south. Its where 99% of the World Solar Challenge driving takes place. Its absolutely beautiful.

Because our car was shipped to Melbourne, it is necessary for us to drive north to get to Darwin. Although it takes time, its a great opportunity for testing along the actual race route. We had opportunities to test out all of our drivers, and do some actual race-style driver changes, roadside repairs, and tire changes (We didn't actually blow a tire, but you've got to get practice in somehow)


Daedalus has been performing excellently. although braking tests have been more than a little rough on the tires. The good news: the car stops.

As great as the Outback is during the day, its even better at night. With no cities around for up to 200 miles at a time, the night sky is brighter than you could believe. We could have stayed in a hotel last night and had showers for the first time in 3 days. We didn't. It wasn't a hard choice.

We're well on our way and should arrive in Darwin in the next couple of days. We cant wait to get started back down the Stuart Highway. this time on the race!