Vertex Standard and UMNSVP Partner Up

Vertex Standard has made a generous gift to the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project by equipping the team with the latest in radio communication technology.  Vertex Standard is the maker of Land Mobile Radios, and has long been providing the most advanced state-of-the-art communications equipment. In the past, the Solar Vehicle Project's radios have been temperamental, so the team has partnered up with Vertex Standard who has ensured that the racing caravan will always be in touch with the solar car driver by providing powerful and reliable radios.  All vehicles will now be able to communicate with each other within a 10 mile range. Vertex Standard provided mobile radios for all the vans and handhelds with headsets for all the team members so that at crucial stopping points along the race route, inter-team communication will be reliable and clear. The Solar Vehicle Project would like to thank Vertex Standard for their generous support.

July 07, 2005