Today was a very successful day of preparations. We unpacked the car and all of our tools, and were able to power it up with only minimal repairs. If only it could go so smoothly everyday. Tomorrow, we plan to take the car out for some track testing in search of other potential failure points. We also plan to scout the race route for potential trouble spots, such as long stretches of hill as we climb the eastern mountains or unusually sharp corners.

Whenever we go out, it amazes me how things are the same and at the same time, things are completely different. Much like back home, the people seem to rush from place to place, but they also take ample time to enjoy a simple meal. I have never been in a situation like it. We stick out everywhere we go, and you might think we would come across some resentment, but we have received nothing but the kindest treatment and interaction here.

Jason Allen
University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project
Electrical Team

September 11, 2006