21 July

We made it. We were lucky to relax this morning, resting up before we finally drove our car in the trailer the final 40 miles to the Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Once we arrived, we checked in with the event organizers and set up our equipment. Tonight, we are making a few final modifications to our car before scrutineering tomorrow.

Tomorrow, official race preparation begins.


20 July

Wednesday morning, we left from Upper Sandusky, Ohio. We got to stay at a beautiful campground with a wonderful lake that was perfect for swimming last night. We practiced array normalization to eke out as much sun as we could this morning. For our drive, we drove along HWY 30 to I-71 North before taking I-76 East, stopping for the night in Youngstown, OH. We are 45 minutes from the racetrack so we can start practicing for FSGP tomorrow very early. It has been a great drive out to Pennsylvania and we can't wait to take our car to the track tomorrow!


19 July

We have discovered the joys of driving a weird car while tuning into the CB radio.  Questions on what UFO or little thing zipped down the eastbound lane are commonplace, but sometimes lead to funnier exchanges.


18 July

On Monday, we took off from Waverly and drove south in Iowa, finally reaching I-80 to go East. As we crossed into Illinois, we took our break in Atkinson, before continuing along I-80. We had a few minor issues along the way, but nothing that couldn't be solved with a little bit of vinyl tape. We finished our day south of Chicago, along the Illinois-Indiana border.


17 July

For our first day of test driving to Formula Sun Grand Prix, we left the cities and drove Eos down to Rochester, where we got to relax for a little bit with a member's family. After we visited with them and showed our car to some of the neighbors, we took off and drove through Austin and down into Iowa. We spent the night in Waverly, IA.