Sunrayce 97 Race Data

Delphi Automotive Systems, 7 batteries
5000 Whr at C/5, 60 Ahr
293 lbs (133 kg)
Race Awards:
Daily Awards
1st Place: 7/26
2st Place: 7/25
3st Place: 7/22
Time: 36:37:55 hours
Average Speed: 33.91 m.p.h. (54.57 kph)
Day Finished Before 6:30 p.m.: 8
Total Distance Travelled: 1,167.1 miles (1878 km)
Overall Position: 11
Qualifying Speed: XX.XX m.p.h (XX.XX kph)
Qualifying Distance: 132.98 miles (214 km)
Qualifying Position: 10th
Average Race Speed: 33.91 m.p.h. (54.57 kph)
Best Daily Average Speed: 48.4 m.p.h. (77.9 kph)
Maximum Instateous Power During Race: 1100 Watts
Solar Power on a Sunny Dat at High Noon: XXX Watts
Average Solar Power while on the road: XXX Watts
Speed on XXX Watts of Panel Power: XX mph (XX kph)