Aurora-II Qualified for Sunrayce 95 in Fifth Position

It was a beautiful and sunny day at the Indianapolis Raceway Park, with a high temperature of about 90 degrees. The start of the qualifier was delayed until 10:00 am to allow some seeded teams to finish their scrutineering requirements. Twenty of the 27 seeded teams had completed their scrutineering and were able to make a qualifying attempt. The teams had to complete 50 miles in a two hour period, which meant that they had to complete 27 laps on the 1.85 mile circuit averaging 25 mph. Any laps completed beyond that point would be used for determining the starting position for Sunrayce 95, the pole position going to the team completing the most laps during the 6 hour qualifier.


The University of Minnesota was able to qualify before the noon time break with an average speed of 31.98 mph in 1:28:22 (hours:min:sec) Qualifying Elapsed Time. In the competition for Pole Position among the seeded teams the university team completed 88 laps which was good for third position, while the University of Maryland completed 90 laps for second position, and Queens University of Canada completed 91 laps for the Pole Position among the seeded teams.

The following day had the Challengers competing for the same goal -- POLE POSITION. In that very quick race California Polytechnic-Pomona came away with the Challenger Pole Position, and the Pole Position for Sunrayce 95. Pomona completed 117 laps, and second place MIT completed 115 laps. With both teams overwhelming number of laps they secured the Pole, and second place starting positions for Sunrayce 95.