Summer Progress

Posted on August 1, 2011 by Adem Rudin.

As the summer has heated up, so has the rate of progress in the UMNSVP shop.

First up, EMJ Metals has made a generous donation of aluminum for C3's new wheels. Nick LaMoore is already off doing design and analysis; hopefully well be able to mill a test wheel soon.

Next, the boards and components for first revisions of the new electrical system are in! Jonathan Nutzmann unboxed the parts for sorting; it was like watching a kid opening presents at Christmas.

aluminum rounds.jpg
nutzy happy.jpg

Meanwhile, the aerodynamics team has purchased a new tool

Most people, upon reading that Craigslist ad, would just see a rusty chunk of junk. The aero team, however, saw a very specialized tool just waiting to be put back to use.

Slavo and Jon immediately put it to work slicing up big blocks of foam in preparation for constructing the shell molds for C3.