It's Spring Break...Formula Sun is just around the corner!

Yes, it is spring break here at the UofM, but none-the-less our solar car engineers have been hard at work preparing Borealis II for the Formula Sun Grand Prix taking place May 17-21st in Topeka, KS. For those of you new to solar racing, Formula Sun is an annual closed track race taking place on a 2 mile road track at Heartland Park. Borealis II was built over the 2001-2003 project term, and has raced in Formula Sun 2003 taking 1st place, and American Solar Challenge 2003 where the team took 2nd place overall.
Borealis II will also be used as a test bed over the next year for new technology such as a new in-house custom-designed electric motor and new solar cell module technology. The team and car will be getting out for some test driving in the next few weeks testing out redesigned and rebuilt components, as well as totally new components.

The new team has been integrating in with the returning veteran members smoothly. Recently they have been expanding their general solar car knowledge as well as learning the first steps in the design process. Soon they will be learning tire changes, how to drive the solar car, and other racing related skills. There is much to learn, but the team is up to the challenge of becoming one of the best prepared and skillful teams at the race come May. Both veteran and new members have also stepped up to the plate taking on new leadership roles with great enthusiasm and success thus far.

Recently the preliminary route for "North" American Solar Challenge 2005 was announced . The route is set to start in Austin, Texas heading North, taking the solar racers through Western Minnesota, and finally ending in Calgary, Canada.

March 15, 2004