Qualifying Day 2

Due to electrical issues yesterday, the team started the day in the #3 position, with 90 laps. Calgary completed 102 laps the previous day, and Michigan completed 140. We were able to keep Centaurus out on the track and running strong for most of the day, and it looked like it might be an interesting run for the pole position. Unfortunately, just as Michigan pulled back out onto the track after being sidelined in the pits for an hour, the over-temperature warnings tripped on our battery pack, forcing us to stop for some time to allow the battery to cool. In the end, we qualified in 2nd place.

Our friends from Principia made it out on the track today with help from Sam, our motor magician; they qualified quite easily. Our aerodynamics team is quite impressed with the bodywork on their car. Oregon State was finally able to get their car running, but was not able to complete the required number of laps to qualify; we hope to hear in the morning what the officials will do with them. All of are hoping that they'll be able to run the race with us! Unfortunately, Illinois will not be competing; early yesterday their motor threw a magnet and there simply is not enough time to get it running again. Our hearts go out to them, as it must be difficult to do all of that hard work and not be able to complete the event.


Finally, in a rather dramatic moment this afternoon, Western Michigan's upper shell departed the car at speed on the track. Images of Borealis II's shell upside down on the track in 2003 flashed through our eyes, but fortunately, their shell did a full flip and landed upright. Unfortunately, they had only completed 18 laps of the required 60 laps at that time, and the shell did suffer some damage. Even though their qualification status is shaky, they appeared to be gearing up to work through the night on repairs as we left the track; we salute the Sunseeker team for their dedication and determination.

A display day is scheduled for tomorrow, and we start on our way to Calgary on the 13th!

July 12, 2008



Good job, everyone! I'm so proud of all of you and so thankful that my son can be a part of this extraordinary group. I especially appreciate your excellent sportsmanship and thoughtfulness toward the other teams. Congratulations on securing the second place pole position. Race well!

Posted by: Jeanne LaMoore | July 12, 2008 8:32 AM

Uncle Bill is watching, Tristan! He will be following the progress as the team prepares for the race and as the race progresses. Good luck to all!

Posted by: Don Heller | July 12, 2008 9:20 AM

Wow - exciting stories! I love getting to read all the details. Keep those posts coming. See you in Sioux Falls if not before. Good luck to all the teams and especially you guys.

Posted by: catherine | July 12, 2008 10:38 AM