Project Outreach Reaches Out to Students

Project Outreach has started to spark interest across the Twin Cities as can be seen by the response from a local school. A presentation was given to a class of second graders at Pearson Elementary School in Shakopee, MN


The following letters represent a few of the exciting responses we received.

"I like your car that you brought for us to see. I thought it was cool. I can't wait to see it again."

"I liked the movie. I like the filmstrip. I liked everything."

"It was fun that you into visit our classroom. I hope to see the car myself. The stuff was very interesting. I like the question and answers. Good Bye."

"Thank you for showing the car. I hope it wins. I hope I get to drive it."

"I liked seeing the future car a lot. I had a lot of fun. Please come again. P.S. Thanks."

"I like looking at the cars. My class made cars too. It was fun. I hope to see the car. I hope to see you again. Nice seeing you."

"I loved the solar cars. I hope to see one at the Minnesota Zoo. I hope you will come back."

"I liked the car. I learned not everything runs on gas."