Watch out!

Logistical Team Specializes in Logistical Nightmares

The team's progress has moved from the final design stage to the actual construction. With this progression, the complex and timely tasks of the logistical team have increased significantly. These tasks include: transporting the top and bottom molds from different facilities in the Twin Cities; acquiring equipment to perform empirical testing of Aurora-II's components; and arranging the necessary lodging and transportation for the team during a rigorous testing plan.

We recently received our primary data acquisition/testing unit, a FLUKE Hydra Datalogger. The Hydra will be our primary system for unit testing of the various electrical and array components while on the "bench" to characterize their performance. As these parts are integrated into the final chassis, the Hydra will evolve from a "bench monitor" into the final data acquisition and telemetry unit of the car during Sunrayce 95.

With the cooperation of AAA Minneapolis, the logistical team has acquired lodging for the June race. AAA Minneapolis is also helping the team with additional publicity