Formula Sun Grand Prix

26-28 July

The Formula Sun Grand Prix is a three day track race. This year, it is taking place at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex. FSGP likes to test how the competitors are able to corner, brake, and accelerate. In order to be successful in FSGP, teams must understand how their vehicle consumes power on a per-lap basis and perfectly manage this consumption. In the end, the team that is able to complete the most laps in the three day span wins.  Successful completion of FSGP is also required for competition in the American Solar Challenge.

The Car

Eos is the only cruiser class car in the Formula Sun Grand Prix this year. As such, we are significantly heavier and less aerodynamic than the other teams but we are also the first North American team to start building solar cars able hold multiple people and their accoutrements.

The Race Crew

The Race Crew Chief

The Drivers

The Support Crew