27 July

Day 2 of the Formula Sun Grand Prix

6:00 AM - Wake up, begin process of array normalization.

6:30 AM - Eos is in place with its array normalized towards the rising sun.

7:00 AM - Most of the team headed back to camp to eat breakfast while a few of the electrical members remained to plug in the battery as charging was now allowed.

8:00 AM - Race begins with Evan Pastor driving. Eos starts from position 4 because ETS Quebec was not ready to start this morning.

8:10 AM - Cars are struggling to get up the first hill, slowing traffic with a bottleneck. Eos does not have to stop and is able to avoid the cars unable to clear the hill.

8:15 AM - Two cars have stopped at the base of the first hill. Several other cars stop behind them so they will be able to have momentum going into the hill, but Eos is able to drive slowly on the side of the road through a waving yellow flag.

8:20 AM - The two cars are able to clear the hill and the cars behind them, led by Eos, follow up the hill.

10:40 AM - Our third driver, Evan Pastor, has qualified for the American Solar Challenge with the necessary 33 laps!

11:00 AM - Minnesota has completed 41 laps during day two, for a total of 180 laps.

11:58 AM - Eos blew the front left tire and pulled off the track to a safe zone. Support Crew got out into the field and quickly replaced it.

12:00 PM - Minnesota has completed 60 laps during day two, for a total of 199 laps.

1:18 PM - Evan Pastor took a pit stop to switch drivers. Jiadong Chen is now driving.

2:00 PM - Minnesota has complete 97 laps during day two, for a total of 236 laps.

3:00 PM - Minnesota has completed 114 laps during day two, for a total of 253 laps.

4:00 PM - Minnesota has completed 130 laps during day two, for a total of 269 laps.

5:00 PM - Minnesota has completed 145 laps during day two, for a total of 284 laps. This places us in 3rd place.