After Action Report: Day Five

Posted on May 6, 2011 by Larry Chan.

After a long, steady day of raycing, we are at 398 laps! A bit of cloud cover and a stormy forecast for tomorrow made us run conservatively in the morning. With Nick LaMoore in the seat rolling the car around slowly, we made up for the lack of power from our morning charge, ensuring we would have ample power for the day and the net. But, then, the sky opened up and we realized we were pulling too much power! Steadily, we increased our pace to make sure we didn't end up with so much power that we wouldn't have any room to charge at night.

In the afternoon, we swapped drivers, putting Chad Furey in the drivers seat. As the sun got stronger and stronger, we posted faster and faster laps until we were averaging 1:50 a lap. Finishing the day, we still had ample power so, hopefully, we will be ready for a cloudy day as predicted!

fsgp 2011 day 5 a.jpg
fsgp 2011 day 5 b.jpg