We're off to Formula Sun 2005

With the vans and trailers packed up, the solar car team headed south on I-35 today en route to Kansas. The drive went smooth with the car arriving intact, and this evening we are spending the night at Kansas State University, working on the car and hanging out with our fellow K-state solar car peers. With the finishing touches being put on the car, we are preparing for scrutineering tomorrow where we will be proving the safety of our car to the race officials. Stay tuned all this week for daily updates, and check out the most recently updated pictures.

May 15, 2005



 Mom Meinz
Glad all is there in one piece. Good luck U of M! Go team! Love the new Borealis III logo.

Posted by: Mom Meinz | May 16, 2005 at 07:18 PM

 Pat Huelman
Good luck on race day. The car looks really sharp. We hope to see it take the checkered flag on Friday. Have a wonderful week.

Go Gophers!
Pat & Kathy Huelman

Posted by: Pat Huelman | May 16, 2005 at 07:55 PM