Formula Sun Grand Prix 2005 starts May 16th!

The excitement is building as the 2003-2005 UMNSVP team readies Borealis III for "Flight 1" at the 2005 Formula Sun event which will run from May 16th-20th at Topeka's Heartland Park Race Track. The 16th-17th will consist of technical inspections by race officials followed by three adrenaline pumping days of endurance racing around the 2-mile closed road race course.

Borealis III has undergone initial testing including test driving and array power testing and has thus far shown great promise to be one of the best cars the project has ever produced. Wish the team members well as they pack the trailers and vans and prepare for a very busy and exciting week.

The team will be posting daily updates on their activities and events throughout the week so keep your mouses pointed to the "updates" page as well as the Formula Sun website each day for the latest reports.

Thank you also to friends, family, and sponsors who turned out for the BIII Unveiling Ceremony on May 6th at the Walter Library! The weather provided a great sunny afternoon to display the car and to display the culmination of our team member's 1-1/2 years of volunteer hard work, hands-on engineering education, and dedication.

May 11, 2005