Formula Sun Race: Day 3

Yesterday we had a great day at the track. We completed a total of 105 laps (unofficial), combined with our first day of 114 laps, puts us up at 219 laps. Also as an added bonus, our pit crew guru, Trevre, won the tire change competition. Pictures of his success will be up soon on the webpage.

We are here now at the track and are currently holding for a break in the rain for us to unload and get ready for the race. Today should prove to be quite the race day since we will also have the chance to test out our waterproofing on the car.


It was an amazing race, in the end Borealis II won by 2.1 miles. That is one lap over Kansas State University. The race was raining for most of the day and then began to let up around 1pm. The sun didn’t have the chance to make an appearance due to the thick clouds in the sky. In the end it went down to the wire with both K-State and Minnesota completing every last lap they could muster. In the end both cars came around for the checkered flag with Borealis II one lap ahead.

After the race the officials held a pit crew competition where teams had to change the driver and wheel and return the car back to race configuration. Minnesota also won that competition receiving the pit crew trophy from its previous holder Kansas State University.

The team is overwhelmed with joy and now ready to focus our efforts on the America Solar Challenge. This has been a tremendous learning experience. We all want to thank everyone involved with the team for their continued support of the team.

More Pictures, Stories and News will follow once we return to Minnesota.

May 17, 2003