Final Preparations

Watchwords of the day were "keep cool, keep hydrated, keep out of trouble". With the car all finished with inspection, many team members were under the impression that there wouldn't be much to do today. They were quite mistaken! There was still a lot of work still waiting to be done, such as re-packing and organizing all of our tools in preparation for tomorrow. This afternoon, we were able to get a quick tour of the track, followed by a few slow practice laps for each of the three drivers. As of 8pm this afternoon, us, University of Kentucky, Illinois State, Iowa State, Northwestern, and UT Austin were the only six teams fully qualified for the event. Kansas State is apparently out of the event due to an irreparable battery protection failure. SUNY and Waterloo were seen in dynamic testing earlier this evening, and we hope to see them out on the track tomorrow.

A Secondary competition was held for entertainment. This was the 'drag' race in which each team was allowed 3 people, one driver and two other which pulled the car with toe straps hooked to the roll bar. No power from the car was to be used. The team from Illinois State University won.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy ad rainy with a chance of thunderstorms, so we may be driving rather slowly, but we're hoping for sun later in the week.

- Adem Rudin
Crew Chief

June 2, 2009



Great job guys (and gals)! Glad to hear Illinois State is through, hopefully SUNY and Waterloo get out there too.

Good luck, drive safely and have fun (as long as you're not shading the array)!

Posted by: Ryan Maclachlan | June 3, 2009 2:30 AM