Earth Week

by Bill Frauly, Aerospace Engineering Graduate

Aurora was seen at the Department of Natural Resources on Thursday, April 27th for the Earth Week festivities. With the car in pieces for further development, it took an early morning scramble to get the car ready, but it was worth it. Aurora received a great deal of attention from all, especially passers by on the street. The soon to be patented Aurora neck snap was done by many.

On Friday the 28th Aurora lead the pack for the University's Non-Pollute Commute. Approximately fifty bicyclists, and a few in-line skaters accompanied the car during its trek from the St. Paul campus to the Minneapolis campus. Aurora team members were around all day answering questions, responding to comments, and even taking a pricture or two. (Adopt-A-Cell forms were in hand).

With a campus police escort, Aurora shot up to 48 mph on the trip back to St. Paul. Not bad going up hill and into the wind! Now its back in the workshop for further development so the Earth Week celebrity will be ready for the big challenge, Sunrayce 93.