New Solar Car Daedalus Unveiled

Posted on July 20, 2013 by Arlo Siemsen.

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project unveils new solar electric vehicle Daedalus on Thursday July 18th.

The new car features a 16 kilowatt-hour battery that can be easily charged from the electric grid, or the solar array. Even at night, Daedalus can travel up to 480 miles without stopping.

Two passengers and four wheels
Dual custom-designed motors (with help from TruTech Specialty Motors) capable of 100 Nm
16.2 killowatt hour lithium-ion battery
Estimated top speed of 90 mph (electronically limited to 80 mph)
391 Sunpower C60 solar cells 1300W
Carbon fiber chassis cut by PaR Systems

The team will compete in the Cruiser class of the 2013 World Solar Challenge this October. A 3,000 km race across Australia.

Most of the WSC 2013 Race Crew.

Most of the WSC 2013 Race Crew.

Image from World Solar Challenge

Image from World Solar Challenge