Mock Scrutineering

Mock Scrutineering has been a biennial event held in conjunction with the production of a new solar car. It involves having project alumni and advisors critiquing the current team members first in a simulated interview, much like what the students should see at an actual race, and then followed by a close examination and design and manufacturing review of the physical vehicle.

This year the B3 team had much of the car completed as of March 26th, and were able to have a rolling chassis, and later in the day a driving chassis using the Borealis 2 battery pack and NGM motor.


Special thanks to all of our scrutineers and to Mrs. Andrews and Kevin Grotheim for providing lunch. Also thanks to the friends and family members of the student engineers who came out to support the hands-on product development education that their students have volunteered to be a part of.

This year's solar array is shaping up to be top notch. Many of the alumni and scrutineers had very positive impressions of the work done so far. So much so that team alum and PaR systems sponsor Charles had to resist the urge to touch the array.

April 4, 2005