Measured Top Speed of 78 mph (124.8 kph)
Holder of Top Speed at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a solar car 63 mph (100.8 kph)


General Data:

Length: 18.4 ft (5.6 m)
Width: 6.3 ft (1.9 m)
Height: 3.3 ft (1.0 m)
Wheelbase: 8.2 ft (2.51 m)
Trackwidth: 4.5 ft (1.37 m)
Clearance: X.XX ft (X.XX m)
349 lbs (158 kg) w/o driver and batteries
659 lbs (299 kg) w/o driver
835 lbs (379 kg) w driver
CdA: 0.844 ft2 (0.0784 m2)
Cd: 0.08(CFD Prediction)
Frontal Area(A):
10.55 ft2 (0.98 m2)
Wheels: 3
Number of Flats: 0
New Generation Motors wheels
2.25 in x 14 in ( 5.7 cm x 36 cm) Bridgestone Ecopia EV tires
Crr: 0.0050
Removable Body Parts:
1 solar array/upper body
Composite sandwich structure of Kevlar/Carbon Fiber with Nomex and Polyurethane foam core.
Prefabricated Graphite panels were used as stiffeners and to tie the top and bottom body surfaces of the car together.
Bubble style, custom manufactured canopy via vacuum forming.
Controls and Instruments:
Foot actuated throttle and brakes
Cruise control
Bicycle style speedometer/odometer
All other vehicle data monitored via telemetry to support vehicle

Dual front hydraulically actuated disc brakes with braided lines for safety.
Front discs are custom manufactured from 6061 aluminum
Secondary braking is provided by bicycle style brake on rear wheel
Regenerative braking on rear wheel, with a Mountain bike V-brake
Front Suspension:
Double A-arms with air/oil spring damper.
Linkage design incorporates zero bump steer and advanced zero scrub geometry.
Rear Suspension:
Hybrid double A-arm/trailing arm made of Chrome-moly with air/oil spring damper. The single rear wheel is supported on one side for quick release and wheel changes. Shock mount is integrated with the roll bar support. The motor is mounted to the lower arm.
Rack and pinion steering with postive steering stops. Custom quick release composite steering wheel with a magnesium steering shaft and adjustable Ackerman angle.
Fiberglass/Nomex sandwich composite panels were used to assemble a monocoque structure reinforced with Kevlar tape, and an Aluminum roll cage.
Battery enclosures, electronic enclosures, roll bar and vehicle belly pan are integral structural members.
Frame is nonconductive for driver safety.
Not present with the New Generation Motors, as it drives the rear wheel directly

New Generation Motors
6.5 kW (8.7 hp) rated, 9kW max, 2000 RPM
84 volts
93% efficient
95% peak efficiency
35 lbs (16 kg)
New Generation Motors Controller
95% efficient
99% peak efficiency
XX lbs (X.X kg)
Solar Cells/Array:
ASE Americas, Monocrystalline Silicon
767 cells
14% single cell rated efficiency
XX% overall panel efficiency
3 facets on the top
Panel Voltage:
118 Volts provided by the top array
Type of Panel:
Total array area is split into three facets, total area is XX.XX ft2 (X.X m2)
Array was encapsulated Dow Corning's Conformal coating.
Power Trackers:
3 AERL peak power trackers, 1 lbs (0.45 kg)
98% efficient
99% peak efficiency