"There has never been an I.T. student endeavor as large as this in the history of the engineering school. "

Dr. Virgil Marple, Aurora Race Team Faculty Advisor

"We're at the stage where we can look back 100 years, when race cars with internal-combustion engines were lucky not to blow up, and see the similarities to the development of Aurora" "

Scott Grabow, Mechanical Engineer Graduate Student

"The whole thing is carbon fiber!!!"

An lowa State Team Member at the lndy Qualifier

"It's huge... the SOLAR TRUCK!"

A Cal. Slate L.A. Team Member at Indy

"Being the first driver of Aurora, was one of the most exhilarating moments in my career as a U of M engineering student!"

Rob Miller, Aerospace Engineering Senior

"The finished vehicle greatly exceeded my expectations."
-Mark Wolf, Design Engineer, Northwest Airlines