On The Way to New York

Posted on March 12, 2012 by Jonathan Nutzmann.

Three of our members are making a trek across the country during spring break to pre-drive the American Solar Challenge race route.  We started our trip today at 9:00 AM after stopping by the shop, twice.  Our end destination today was Ann Arbor, MI to meet up with the University of Michigan's Solar Car team and tour their shop.  Before we reached their shop, we decided to stop in Kalamazoo, MI for some dinner.  When doing a U-Turn to go back to Arby's, we happened to spot this:

For those of you that don't know, Little Caesars is the unofficial pizza of UMNSVP.  We usually go though anywhere between 5-20 pizzas a week.  So, we couldn't help but stop.  We found Kalamazoo's pizza was slightly thinner and the cheese was a little chewier.  Still an awesome dinner for the price.

little caesars.jpg

After leaving Kalamazoo, we set out for Ann Arbor.  We hit some major storms that produced over an inch of standing water on the road.  This set us back a few minutes, but we made it safely.  It was great to talk with some of Michigans solar car team and see their car that raced across the outback in person!

Tomorrow we will be heading to Ithaca, NY to visit some friends and hopefully our former project lead who attends Cornell University.  We hope to test out our data logging systems tomorrow in preparation to start driving the route on Wednesday.