ASC 2010 Day 2

The second day of the race was basically flawless for the UMN team. I don't have time to go into too many details (it's pretty boring, "we drove ~140 miles without stopping" about covers it), but today was basically flawless. We pulled into the Topeka stage stop just before noon, got in our allowed 30 minutes of charging, and relaxed for the rest of driving hours talking to other teams. We got in a good evening charge, and hope to get in a good morning charge as well.

We ended the stage in 2nd place, with 07:48:40 elapsed. We are 00:23:37 behind Michigan, 00:16:41 ahead of Bochum, and 00:47:54 ahead of Calgary. Behind them is Missouri S&T, Stanford, Kaohsiung, SUNY New Paltz, Northwestern, and Kentucky, respectively. Iowa State encountered some major electrical difficulties this stage and had to trailer their car in, and I have not heard anything about UT Austin. Illinois State had to make some mechanical alterations to their car and were unable to drive the first stage, but rumor has it that they will be joining us for the rest of the race.


The second stage of the race starts tomorrow; we drive east to Jefferson City, MO, and then drive southwest through Lake of the Ozarks, where we will turn back northeast to finish at Rolla, MO on the 23rd. The hills on this stage are going to be bad; whenever I ask Missouri S&T about them, they just cackle at me. We'll see how Michigan's 713lb car deals with the hills; Centaurus 2's 389lbs should just sail up and down them.

Go Fast, Go Safe, GO GOPHERS!
-Adem Rudin
Senior Crew Chief

June 21, 2010



Way to go Gophers! Keep the jolly roger flying... I take it you have had good weather and not too much road debris to deal with... Keep us in the loop, we're racing vicariously through you!

Good Luck,& have fun!

Posted by: Louise Somers | June 22, 2010 4:03 PM

hey golden gophers, your missouri fan club is excited to have you in our state! with the temperatures here, you are probably particularly inspired to step on it and head north to the motherland! : ) we are proud of all your hard work and camaraderie, and happy for you that it is paying off. will see you in rolla wednesday nite.

Posted by: john p. vogl, chesterfield, missouri | June 22, 2010 10:04 PM

Minnesota Hats off toThee!
See you in Naperville.

Posted by: Anonymous | June 22, 2010 10:45 PM