ASC 2010 Day 1

The first day of racing went very well; far better than the disastrous first day that I recall from 2008. As it turns out, when the power trackers work, we can actually drive fast! We spent most of the day at or very near the speed limit.

We departed from the Bass Pro shop in Broken Arrow, OK at 12:02, one minute after Bochum and two minutes after Michigan. About a mile into the race, Bochum pulled into a gas station ahead of us, letting us pull ahead. I have heard that they punctured a tire and had to repair it. We got lucky with some stoplights, and about 20 minutes into the event, pulled up right behind Michigan. We definitely had the power to stick with them, but unfortunately, we were still being plagued by battery heat issues and were forced to reduce current and fall back.


Bochum caught up and passed us before the Neosho checkpoint, where we pulled in 3rd. Kaohsiung was in 4th, Calgary in 5th, SUNY in 6th, S&T 7th, and Stanford in 8th, approximately an hour behind us. Kentucky and Northwestern made it through the Neosho checkpoint in 9th and 10th, respectively. We have no news on Illinois, Iowa, or Texas Austin. We just got a report via Twitter that Western Michigan encountered issues on the start line and has withdrawn, but we have no idea how reliable the source is.

After the Neosho checkpoint, we passed and were passed by Bochum several times over the last two hours of the day. We are currently stopped for the night in Butler, Missouri; we believe Michigan is 30-40 miles ahead. The team is confident that it has fixed the heat issues once and for all, and we're going to be gunning for the top spot over the next few days.

-Adem Rudin
Senior Crew Chief

June 20, 2010



Good luck! Team U of M. I'm looking forward for you to bring home the Trophy.

Posted by: J. T. | June 21, 2010 8:28 AM