Home at last!

Hey everybody!

We are finally home after racing in the American Solar Challenge! If you havent heard we got second place!! It was an awesome time. Our car ran wonderfully. We only had two problems over the entire race. Thanks to all our our sponsors, parents and outside supporters! We were able to do so well only because of you.

Now that we are home it is time for a break and then come fall we will start the process all over again. The majority of our team will be staying on for another car and we hope to recruit many new people that will help us make the next winner at ASC.

I would like to give out a special thanks to Dan Eberle and his staff. Solar car racing would not be what it is today without Dan. Thanks Dan!

Have a great summer and look for us at the next Formula Sun Grand Prix where we will defend our 2003 number 1 finish!

August 2, 2003