ASC 2003 Day 1

After a long day, getting up at 4:20am, and driving for 8 hours and 16 minutes we have arrived at the second checkpoint on the race in St. Louis. The team managed to pull into Springfield, IL in first position and set the pace until Waterloo passed us on the Alton bridge across the Mississippi river. After Waterloo passed, the roads all became one lane until the second checkpoint making it very difficult to attempt a pass. Instead we decided to stick to them all the way to the second checkpoint and then quickly setup our array for maximum battery charging.


Overall the first day went very well, we ran on the same front tires for the entire day and had to change the rear tire at the Springfield checkpoint after noticing a slight nick in the rubber. Everything is going great and the team is in good spirits. It is a long race and we will continue to compete to the best of our ability.

We are off to get Borealis II ready for the next leg of the race (120 miles to Rolla, MO). Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for further updates.

July 13, 2003