Aero Team Employs Computer Aided Design, Stereo Lithography

Goal is to Achieve Aerodynamic Efficiency Before Car Construction Begins

The first Computer Aided Design (CAD) of our car was created in April of 1994. The model was used for a first-run pass of the Computational Fluid Dynamics, in which the car is simulated in a wind tunnel. The CAD model was also used for the chassis development and solar cell layout. Since then we have used CAD drawings to come up with five additional shape changes, each with increasing detail and improved performance.


From these CAD drawings we have also created two different solid models using a process called Stereo Lithography (SLA). The StereoLithography process uses lasers to harden resin into the shape of the car. SLA has been used, and will continue to be used, to get a feel for the shape of the car, to look at clearance and to show what our car really looks like.

SLA has proven its value in the making of three different noses for the car. SLA has allowed the team to quickly look at and select the final nose shape to improve the aerodynamics of the car.

The Aero Team will be in charge of doing the real world aerodynamic testing.

Lance Molby