New Improved Solar car unveiling

Aurora-II, the U's entrant in Sunrayce 95, will be unveiled at 10 a.m. Tuesday on Northrup Mall during IT Week festivities. Sunrayce, a biennial cross-country race for solar cars, will be head between June 20 and 29, when up to 40 cars will race from Indianapolis to Golden, Colo. The design of Aurora-II marka a departure from that of its predecessor, an inverted U-shaped and large sized car that finished 21st in Sunrayce 93. Aurora-II is flat, stands three fett high and opens like a clam to allow quick exits. It has three wheels, two in front, and one in back. Designed and built by students (with guidance from professional engineers), Aurora-II weights 650 pounds.


With his team's help, Lance Molby gets ready to drive the car during the May 2 unveiling. Four local TV stations, two radio stations and four newspapers were present for the event.

Thanks to the help of ITEN Chevrolet, the finished Aurora-II shell is a lustrous silver with an iridescent blue solar array. A tinted bubble canopy, similar to that of a fighter jet, adds to the car's sleek appearance.