Mechanical Team Finishes Chassis, Begins Fine-Tuning

The Mechanical Team has been very busy during these last few months, completing the chassis parts needed to get the car rolling.

The various suspension and mounting pieces have all undergone revisions. We've decided to EDM machine our upper front A-arms and we've decided on a new, solid, CNC-machined aluminum design for our kingpin. The composite frame was completed in mid-February.

With the completion of the car's parts, our focus shifts to testing and fine tuning of the mechanical systems.

We are also considering every option and detail to improve our performance, such as, shaving unnecessary weight and working with the Aero Team to streamline the wheels. These preparations will allow us to obtain the optimum driving efficiency crucial for serious and successful competition.


Above: This image from the structural report shows the physical relationship between Aurora-II's body and chassis. The image helps to identify the car's "safety zones" -- the area within which the driver cannot be injured in case of an accident. The driver's box sits within Aurora-II's safety zone.

As you are out in the next few weeks, you will see the team zooming around the campus in Aurora-II. And you'd better watch out--we'll be moving fast!

Dan Evanson