ASC 2010, Scrutineering day 2

We started the day with a red in mechanical and a yellow for battery protection. The inspectors quickly ok'd our battery protection in the morning, but mechanical required us to disassemble the entire front suspension to replace some nuts with ones driller for safety wire. We'd like to thank Iowa for the use of their drill press, and the mechanical inspectors for staying late to check out the new fasteners.All we need to do now is pass caravan inspection and we're all set to go.

One great thing about these events is how even through we're all competing with each other, the teams still are willing to lend a helping hand to teams that need it. The team from Taiwan has been having issues with their car, and I've seen members from our team, Calgary, and even the German team popping into their garage space to help out. We've repaid Iowa's generosity with their drill press by helping them with their motor controller, and members from both our team and Calgary have been helping Kentucky with their motor bearings.

At the moment, Calgary, Bochum, Michigan, and Minnesota are a very close to being "all green" on the inspectors list.

-Adem Rudin
Senior Crew Chief

June 14, 2010