American Solar Challenge Scrutineering Update

Borealis II has completed all of our scrutineering as of this morning. Planning and prep is ongoing for the cross-country race.

The team woke up early in the morning, packed into our lovely 15 passenger homes for the next couple of weeks and trailered Borealis II to the beginning of the race route just outside of downtown Chicago. After having to negotiate multiple tolls we finally made it to the route.

Once we started running the route, our glorious chef noticed that the team had gotten into a little mischief and have bamboozled his tasty ms. field cookies. I think the extra energy from the cookies kept the team going in the early morning hours.

But, back to the car, Borealis II performed quite well on the route. The performance on the chuckholes and concrete eruptions was extremely stable. As Borealis II drove through the small cities the responses from the community were quite enthusiastic, they were all looking forward to seeing the solar cars come through on Sunday. Most people wished us good luck and that they hoped that we would win the race.

As I write this update, we are currently trailering back to Chicago.

July 11, 2003