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Hello there! Welcome to the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project Newsletter, where you can find all the latest news and events that we have participated in!

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FSGP 2018

The Formula Sun Grand Prix is the track based qualifying event for the American Solar Challenge. The UMNSVP battled through large thunderstorms and rigorous scrutineering in order to earn pole position 3 out of 20! We were the first of the Multi-Occupant Vehicles (MOV) to finish scrutineering.

Even with a faulty speedometer, our drivers managed to keep a consistent speed by knowing only their final lap times. After a single day, we managed to drive an amazing 96 laps, thereby qualifying for ASC 2018! Furthermore, with a grand total of 326 laps, we placed first in the MOV class, competing even with the faster, single occupant vehicles - we would have received fourth overall with single occupant vehicles included!

ASC 2018

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project set off on an exciting journey during the summer of 2018 in order to compete against some of the best solar car teams from around the world in the American Solar Challenge (ASC). ASC is an endurance race, varying between 1500-2000 miles in the US.

Through blown tires, running on single motors, unexpected hailstorms, cloudy days, and 30+ mile mountain climbs, the UMNSVP managed to come second in the ASC, tied only with Appalachian State University.

For a more detailed story on both the FSGP and ASC, please have a look at our ASC 2018 tab, located on the main banner on the top of the website.



New lab space

A generous donation was given to the UMN College of Science and Engineering to renovate the Shepherd Laboratories building on the East Bank Campus. Included in the renovation was a workshop intended for SVP members to build solar cars in, called the Patrick Starr SVP Lab! Now, the UMNSVP will have a gorgeous and spacious area to build the next iteration of our solar vehicle, which we have officially named Freya, honoring Minnesota’s Nordic roots! Members are extremely grateful for the University’s support!